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Michalis Nicolaides


1967 Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Since 1987 Residence in Germany. 

Michalis' works use videos as media basically and look for the relationship between the surrounding environment and the people, driven by curiosity.

Performance can be often found in his works. Michalis’ performances are frequently recorded in videos or combined with video installation, as “live” performance. 

Shi Zheng


born in 1990 and graduated from China Academy of Art in 2014. Currently, Shi lives and works in Shanghai. 

Shi works on computer technology, which is an attempt to extend the audience’s visual and audio experience that are considered as the integral parts of his work. Apart from individual creation, Shi Zheng also collaborates with other outstanding artists in various fields, such as on projects RMBit and OSC.

Christine Erhard


Studied sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under Professor Fritz Schwegler, Christine creates photographic works that evolve out of a sculptural process. She conceives of and constructs the object to be photographed.

Her initial conceptual impetus for a photograph is often a found image, sometimes historical, taken from the field of architecture or art.

As she considers that the photographs shouldn’t be viewed as isolated objects but should be experienced as one element within dialectic of image and space, Christine produces installations, where the images are placed into a constructed context.

Tian Gebing


Founded in 1997, Paper Tiger Theater Studio is an independent theater performance collective. Artistic Director Tian Gebing, together with artists and individuals from various walks of life, is committed to giving an independent voice to theater performance in contemporary China. 

In 2010 Paper Tiger established its own theater space, started to explore inter-cultural theater and theatre works based on researches. 


Paper Tiger has created an array of productions and projects in the last two decades. Tours are seen in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hamburg etc. A heterotopic aesthetics of contemporary theatre has developed over the years.     

Juergen Staack


Born in 1978, in the former East Germany, lives and works in Duesseldorf.


Staack studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, as a master student under Prof. Thomas Ruff. Staack developed his own means in conceptual photography, he mainly works with sound, especially languages, performances, installation and videos.


Staack received the "ars viva 11/12-Languages" art prize.


He has presented his works in major institutions in Germany as well as internationally.


Michal Martychowiec


Born in 1987, Martychowiec is a contemporary artist based in Berlin.

He was awarded Distinction in MA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. He is a visiting lecturer at the Russian Institute of History of Art (Russian Academy of Sciences) in St. Petersburg and China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.

Martychowiec’s oeuvre is structured through a mix media practice and explores the field of history and historic narratives, and consequently foundation of cultural symbols and archetypes. 

Yingmei Duan


1969 Born in Daqing, China; Currently lives in Braunschweig, Germany.

2006 Masters with Prof. Marina Abramović, Birgit Hein and Christoph Schlingensief at HBK Braunschweig.


Duan is part of the Chinese avant-garde, working creatively for many years living in the legendary art district of Beijing’s East Village in 90's. In 1995 she participated in the performance “To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain”, considered to be one of the iconic works of Chinese contemporary art. 

Through her performance art, Duan practices in numerous national and international exhibitions, festivals, residencies, lectures and workshops.



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